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Indonesia’s university students in 2014 consists of a mere 2,6% (1.827.240 public university students and 4.012.347 private university students) out of Indonesian total population of 225.461.700. Human Development Index is still below Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand. We have noted that despite the governments’ efforts to provide various scholarship, drop out rates are still quite high.

Unfortunately, even if these students graduated, they are welcomed by the difficulty to get appropriate jobs especially after the establishment of AFTA (Asean Free Trade Association) and AEC (Asean Economics Community). Life is no less harder for the youths.

Poverty rate in Indonesia by September 2015


Yayasan Rumah Peneleh is an organization whose vision is to promote empowerment of youths as agents of change. We believe that the youth is the motor of a nation’s development.

With that vision, we are now giving scholarship to potential and concerned youths. We select those who have great concern for the nation’s development through social, environmental, economic, and even cultural actions. They are potential catalysts to multi-facetted nation’s development. We believe that by saving youths we are saving entire generation. We are saving humanity.

We need your charitable actions to help these youths to stay educated and allow them help more people.

You will not only be the witness of a great movement, but a participant in the name of humanity.

Please donate to our Peneleh scholarship program

With the donation, we will ensure that you will get personal communication with your foster student; keep informed about their progress as well as their actions!

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Some of Peneleh Scholarships Receiver:

  • Ario Mifta is a biology student from a public university (UIN Malik Ibrahim Malang) whose concern is saving coral reefs in the costal area of East Java.
  • Meteor Sanjaya is a political student from a public university (University of Airlangga Surabaya). He ensures the maintenance and continuous socialization local cultural dance of Panji.
  • Zuldiana Azzahra studies Pancasila as Indonesian Ideology in a private university (University of Muhammadiyah Ponorogo) who is active in the organization of women protection and empowerment.
  • Medina Putri is an agricultural student at a public university (Institut Teknologi Bogor). She and her colleagues are currently running a grass root community to help children to gain informal education.
  • Fauzi is a political student from a public university (University of Brawijaya Malang) who is concerned with media and is moving his colleagues to help teach marginalized schools in the outskirts of Malang, East Java.

Catch their actions at our Youtube channel: yayasanrumahpeneleh

Please help these outstanding youths. Help Humanity!

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